Daily Hukamnama Saturday, February 6, 2021

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SORAT’H, THIRD MEHL, DU-TUKAS: He Himself forgives the worthless, O Siblings of Destiny; He commits them to the service of the True Guru. Service to the True Guru is sublime, O Siblings of Destiny; through it, one’s consciousness is attached to the Lord’s Name. || 1 || The Dear Lord forgives, and unites with Himself. I am a sinner, totally without virtue, O Siblings of Destiny; the Perfect True Guru has blended me. || Pause || So many, so many sinners have been forgiven, O beloved one, by contemplating the True Word of the Shabad. They got on board the boat of the True Guru, who carried them across the terrifying world-ocean, O Siblings of Destiny. || 2 || I have been transformed from rusty iron into gold, O Siblings of Destiny, united in Union with the Guru, the Philosopher’s Stone. Eliminating my self-conceit, the Name has come to dwell within my mind, O Siblings of Destiny; my light has merged in the Light. || 3 || I am a sacrifice, I am a sacrifice, O Siblings of Destiny, I am forever a sacrifice to my True Guru. He has given me the treasure of the Naam; O Siblings of Destiny, through the Guru’s Teachings, I am absorbed in celestial bliss. || 4 || Without the Guru, celestial peace is not produced, O Siblings of Destiny; go and ask the spiritual teachers about this. Serve the True Guru forever, O Siblings of Destiny, and eradicate self-conceit from within. || 5 || Under Guru’s Instruction, the Fear of God is produced, O Siblings of Destiny; true and excellent are the deeds done in the Fear of God. Then, one is blessed with the treasure of the Lord’s Love, O Siblings of Destiny, and the Support of the True Name. || 6 || I fall at the feet of those who serve their True Guru, O Siblings of Destiny. I have fulfilled my life, O Siblings of Destiny, and my family has been saved as well. || 7 || The True Word of the Guru’s Bani, and the True Word of the Shabad, O Siblings of Destiny, are obtained only by Guru’s Grace. O Nanak, with the Name of the Lord abiding in one’s mind, no obstacles stand in one’s way, O Siblings of Destiny. || 8 || 2 ||

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