Daily Hukamnama Saturday, November 27, 2021

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SHALOK, THIRD MEHL: Consumed by desire, the world is burning and dying; burning and burning, it screams. But if it meets with the cooling and soothing True Guru, it does not burn any longer. O Nanak, without the Name, and without contemplating the Word of the Shabad, no one becomes fearless. || 1 || THIRD MEHL: Wearing ceremonial robes, the fire is not quenched, and the mind is filled with anxiety. Destroying the snake s hole, the snake is not killed; it is just like doing deeds without a Guru. Serving the Giver, the True Guru, the Word of the Shabad comes to abide in the mind. The mind and body are cooled and soothed; peace ensues, and the fire of desire is quenched. The greatest comforts and lasting peace are obtained, when one eradicates selfishness from within. He alone becomes a detached Gurmukh, who lovingly focuses his awareness on the True Lord. Anxiety does not affect him at all; he is satisfied and satiated with the Name of the Lord. O Nanak, without the Naam, no one is saved; they are utterly ruined by egotism. || 2 || PAUREE: Those who meditate on the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, obtain all peace and comforts. Fruitful is the entire life of those, who feel hunger for the Name of the Lord in their minds. Those who worship and adore the Lord through the Guru s Word, forget all their pain and suffering. Those Gursikhs are good Saints, who care for nothing other than the Lord. Blessed, blessed is their Guru, whose mouth tastes the Ambrosial Fruit of the Lord. || 6 ||

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