Daily Hukamnama Monday, December 27, 2021

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SORAT H, FIRST MEHL, FIRST HOUSE, ASHTAPADEES, CHAU-TUKAS: ONE UNIVERSAL CREATOR GOD. BY THE GRACE OF THE TRUE GURU: I am not torn by duality, because I do not worship any other than the Lord; I do not visit tombs or crematoriums. I do not enter the houses of strangers, engrossed in desire. The Naam, the Name of the Lord, has satisfied my desires. Deep within my heart, the Guru has shown me the home of my being, and my mind is imbued with peace and poise, O Siblings of Destiny. You Yourself are all-knowing, and You Yourself are all-seeing; You alone bestow intelligence, O Lord. || 1 || My mind is detached, imbued with detachment; the Word of the Shabad has pierced my mind, O my mother. God s Light shines continually within the nucleus of my deepest self; I am lovingly attached to the Bani, the Word of the True Lord Master. || Pause || Countless detached renunciates talk of detachment and renunciation, but he alone is a true renunciate, who is pleasing to the Lord Master. The Word of the Shabad is ever in his heart; he is absorbed in the Fear of God, and he works to serve the Guru. He remembers the One Lord, his mind does not waver, and he restrains its wanderings. He is intoxicated with celestial bliss, and is ever imbued with the Lord s Love; he sings the Glorious Praises of the True Lord. || 2 || The mind is like the wind, but if it comes to rest in peace, even for an instant, then he shall abide in the peace of the Name, O Siblings of Destiny. His tongue, eyes and ears are imbued with Truth; O Lord, You quench the fires of desire. In hope, the renunciate remains free of hopes; in the home of his own inner self, he is absorbed in the trance of deep meditation. He remains content, satisfied with the charity of the Naam; he drinks in the Ambrosial Amrit with ease. || 3 || There is no renunciation in duality, as long as there is even a particle of duality. The whole world is Yours, Lord; You alone are the Giver. There is not any other, O Siblings of Destiny. The self-willed manmukh dwells in misery forever, while the Lord bestows greatness upon the Gurmukh. God is infinite, endless, inaccessible and unfathomable; His worth cannot be described. || 4 || The consciousness in deep Samaadhi, the Supreme Being, the Lord of the three worlds these are Your Names, Lord. The creatures born into this world have their destiny inscribed upon their foreheads; they experience according to their destinies. The Lord Himself causes them to do good and bad deeds; He Himself makes them steadfast in devotional worship. The filth of their mind and mouth is washed off when they live in the Fear of God; the inaccessible Lord Himself blesses them with spiritual wisdom. || 5 || Only those who taste it know its sweet taste, like the mute, who eats the candy, and only smiles. How can I describe the indescribable, O Siblings of Destiny? I shall follow His Will forever. If one meets with the Guru, the Generous Giver, then he understands; those who have no Guru cannot understand this. As the Lord causes us to act, so do we act, O Siblings of Destiny. What other clever tricks can anyone try? || 6 || Some are deluded by doubt, while others are imbued with devotional worship; Your play is infinite and endless. As You engage them, they receive the fruits of their rewards; You alone are the One who issues Your Commands. I would serve You, if anything were my own; my soul and body are Yours. One who meets with the True Guru, by His Grace, takes the Support of the Ambrosial Naam. || 7 || He dwells in the heavenly realms, and his virtues radiantly shine forth; meditation and spiritual wisdom are found in virtue. The Naam is pleasing to his mind; he speaks it, and causes others to speak it as well. He speaks the essential essence of wisdom. The Word of the Shabad is his Guru and spiritual teacher, profound and unfathomable; without the Shabad, the world is insane. He is a perfect renunciate, naturally at ease, O Nanak, whose mind is pleased with the True Lord. || 8 || 1 ||

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