Daily Hukamnama Sunday, January 30, 2022

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SHALOK, FOURTH MEHL: Without serving the True Guru, the deeds which are done are only chains binding the soul. Without serving the True Guru, they find no place of rest. They die, only to be born again they continue coming and going. Without serving the True Guru, their speech is insipid. They do not enshrine the Naam, the Name of the Lord, in the mind. O Nanak, without serving the True Guru, they are bound and gagged, and beaten in the City of Death; they depart with blackened faces. || 1 || THIRD MEHL: Some wait upon and serve the True Guru; they embrace love for the Lord s Name. O Nanak, they reform their lives, and save their generations as well. || 2 || PAUREE: He Himself is the school, He Himself is the teacher, and He Himself brings the students to be taught. He Himself is the father, He Himself is the mother, and He Himself makes the children wise. In one place, He teaches them to read and understand everything, while in another place, He Himself makes them ignorant. Some, You summon to the Mansion of Your Presence within, when they become pleasing to Your Mind, O True Lord. That Gurmukh, whom You have blessed with greatness that humble being is known and respected in Your True Court. || 11 ||

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