Daily Hukamnama Wednesday, April 6, 2022

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RAAMKALEE, FIRST MEHL: My boat is wobbly and unsteady; it is filled with sins. The wind is rising what if it tips over? As sunmukh, I have turned to the Guru; O my Perfect Master; please be sure to bless me with Your glorious greatness. || 1 || O Guru, my Saving Grace, please carry me across the world-ocean. Bless me with devotion to the perfect, imperishable Lord God; I am a sacrifice to You. || 1 || Pause || He alone is a Siddha, a seeker, a Yogi, a wandering pilgrim, who meditates on the One Perfect Lord. Touching the feet of the Lord Master, they are emancipated; they come to receive the Word of the Teachings. || 2 || I know nothing of charity, meditation, self-discipline or religious rituals; I only chant Your Name, God. Nanak has met the Guru, the Transcendent Lord God; through the True Word of His Shabad, he is set free. || 3 || 6 ||

Hukamnama from SikhNet.com

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