Daily Hukamnama Monday, May 23, 2022

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WADAHANS, FIRST MEHL: O Baba, whoever has come, will rise up and leave; this world is a false show. One s true home is obtained by serving the True One; real Truth comes by being truthful. By falsehood and greed, no place of rest is found, and no place in the world hereafter is obtained. No one invites him to come in and sit down he is like a crow in a deserted house. Caught in birth and death, separated from God for such a long time, the whole world is wasting away. Greed, worldly entanglements and Maya deceive the world. Death hovers over its head, and makes it cry. || 1 || Come, O Baba, and Siblings of Destiny let s join together; take me in your arms, and bless me with your prayers. O Baba, union with the True One cannot be broken; bless me with your prayers for union with my Beloved. Bless me with your prayers, that I may worship God with devotion; for those already united with Him, what more is there to unite? Some have wandered away from the Name of God they have lost the Path. The Word of the Guru s Shabad is the true game. Do not go on the path of Death; remain absorbed in the Shabad, the true form throughout the ages. Through good fortune, we meet such friends and relatives, who meet with the Guru, and escape the noose of Death. || 2 || O Baba, we come into the world naked, into pain and pleasure, according to the record of our account. The call of our pre-ordained destiny cannot be altered; it follows from our past actions. The True Lord sits and writes of ambrosial nectar and bitter poison; as the Lord attaches us, so are we attached. The charmer, Maya, has worked her charms, and the multi-colored thread is around everyone s neck. Through shallow intellect, the mind becomes shallow, and one eats the fly, along with the sweets. Contrary to custom, he comes into the Dark Age of Kali Yuga naked, and naked he is bound down and sent away again. || 3 || O Baba, weep and mourn if you must; the beloved soul is bound and driven off. The pre-ordained record of destiny cannot be erased; the summons has come from the Lord s Court. The messenger comes, when it pleases God, and the mourners begin to mourn. Sons, brothers, nephews and very dear friends weep and wail. Let him weep, who weeps in the Fear of God, cherishing the virtues of God no one dies with the dead. O Nanak, throughout the ages, they are known as wise, who weep, remembering the True One. || 4 || 5 ||

Hukamnama from SikhNet.com

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