Daily Hukamnama Saturday, June 4, 2022

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RAAMKALEE, FIFTH MEHL: Sing the Kirtan of the Lord s Praises, and the Beej Mantra, the Seed Mantra. Even the homeless find a home in the world hereafter. Fall at the feet of the Perfect Guru; you have slept for so many incarnations wake up! || 1 || Chant the Chant of the Lord s Name, Har, Har. By Guru s Grace, it shall be enshrined within your heart, and you shall cross over the terrifying world-ocean. || 1 || Pause || Meditate on the eternal treasure of the Naam, the Name of the Lord, O mind, and then, the screen of Maya shall be torn away. Drink in the Ambrosial Nectar of the Guru s Shabad, and then your soul shall be rendered immaculate and pure. || 2 || Searching, searching, searching, I have realized that without devotional worship of the Lord, no one is saved. So vibrate, and meditate on that Lord in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy; your mind and body shall be imbued with love for the Lord. || 3 || Renounce all your cleverness and trickery. O mind, without the Lord s Name, there is no place of rest. The Lord of the Universe, the Lord of the World, has taken pity on me. Nanak seeks the protection and support of the Lord, Har, Har. || 4 || 16 || 27 ||

Hukamnama from SikhNet.com

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