Daily Hukamnama Saturday, July 2, 2022

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vin naavai vaerodh sareer | Without the Name, even one’s own body is an enemy. kio n milehi kaattehi man peer | Why not meet the Lord, and take away the pain of your mind? vaatt vattaaoo aavai jaae | The traveller comes and goes along the highway. kiaa lae aaeiaa kiaa palai paae | What did he bring when he came, and what will he take away when he goes? vin naavai thottaa sabh thaae | Without the Name, one loses everywhere. laahaa milai jaa dhaee bujhaae | The profit is earned, when the Lord grants understanding. vanaj vaapaar vanajai vaapaaree | In merchandise and trade, the merchant is trading. vin naavai kaisee path saaree |16| Without the Name, how can one find honor and nobility? ||16|| gun veechaarae giaanee soe | One who contemplates the Lord’s Virtues is spiritually wise. gun mehi giaan paraapath hoe | Through His Virtues, one receives spiritual wisdom. gunadhaathaa viralaa sansaar | How rare in this world, is the Giver of virtue. saachee karanee gur veechaar | The True way of life comes through contemplation of the Guru. agam agochar keemath nehee paae | The Lord is inaccessible and unfathomable. His worth cannot be estimated. thaa mileeai jaa leae milaae | They alone meet Him, whom the Lord causes to meet. gunavanthee gun saarae neeth | The virtuous soul bride continually contemplates His Virtues. naanak guramath mileeai meeth |17| O Nanak, following the Guru’s Teachings, one meets the Lord, the true friend. ||17|| kaam krodh kaaeiaa ko gaalai | Unfulfilled sexual desire and unresolved anger waste the body away, jio kanchan sohaagaa taalai | as gold is dissolved by borax. kas kasavattee sehai s thaao | The gold is touched to the touchstone, and tested by fire; nadhar saraaf vannee sacharraao | when its pure color shows through, it is pleasing to the eye of the assayer. jagath pasoo ahan kaal kasaaee | The world is a beast, and arrogant Death is the butcher. kar karathai karanee kar paaee | The created beings of the Creator receive the karma of their actions. jin keethee thin keemath paaee | He who created the world, knows its worth. hor kiaa keheeai kish kehan n jaaee |18| What else can be said? There is nothing at all to say. ||18|| khojath khojath anmrith peeaa | Searching, searching, I drink in the Ambrosial Nectar. khimaa gehee man sathagur dheeaa | I have adopted the way of tolerance, and given my mind to the True Guru. kharaa kharaa aakhai sabh koe | Everyone calls himself true and genuine. kharaa rathan jug chaarae hoe | He alone is true, who obtains the jewel throughout the four ages. khaath peeanth mooeae nehee jaaniaa | Eating and drinking, one dies, but still does not know. khin mehi mooeae jaa sabadh pashaaniaa | He dies in an instant, when he realizes the Word of the Shabad. asathir cheeth maran man maaniaa | His consciousness becomes permanently stable, and his mind accepts death. gur kirapaa thae naam pashaaniaa |19| By Guru’s Grace, he realizes the Naam, the Name of the Lord. ||19|| gagan ganbheer gagananthar vaas | The Profound Lord dwells in the sky of the mind, the Tenth Gate; gun gaavai sukh sehaj nivaas | singing His Glorious Praises, one dwells in intuitive poise and peace. gaeiaa n aavai aae n jaae | He does not go to come, or come to go. gur parasaadh rehai liv laae | By Guru’s Grace, he remains lovingly focused on the Lord. gagan aganm anaath ajonee | The Lord of the mind-sky is inaccessible, independent and beyond birth. asathir cheeth samaadh sagonee | The most worthy Samaadhi is to keep the consciousness stable, focused on Him. har naam chaeth fir pavehi n joonee | Remembering the Lord’s Name, one is not subject to reincarnation. guramath saar hor naam bihoonee |20| The Guru’s Teachings are the most Excellent; all other ways lack the Naam, the Name of the Lord. ||20||

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