Daily Hukamnama Monday, July 18, 2022

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SORAT H, THIRD MEHL: The True Lord has blessed His devotees with the treasure of devotional worship, and the wealth of the Lord s Name. The wealth of the Naam, shall never be exhausted; no one can estimate its worth. With the wealth of the Naam, their faces are radiant, and they attain the True Lord. || 1 || O my mind, through the Word of the Guru s Shabad, the Lord is found. Without the Shabad, the world wanders around, and receives its punishment in the Court of the Lord. || Pause || Within this body dwell the five thieves: sexual desire, anger, greed, emotional attachment and egotism. They plunder the Nectar, but the self-willed manmukh does not realize it; no one hears his complaint. The world is blind, and its dealings are blind as well; without the Guru, there is only pitch darkness. || 2 || Indulging in egotism and possessiveness, they are ruined; when they depart, nothing goes along with them. But one who becomes Gurmukh meditates on the Naam, and ever contemplates the Lord s Name. Through the True Word of Gurbani, he sings the Glorious Praises of the Lord; blessed with the Lord s Glance of Grace, he is enraptured. || 3 || The spiritual wisdom of the True Guru is a steady light within the heart. The Lord s decree is over the heads of even kings. Night and day, the Lord s devotees worship Him; night and day, they gather in the true profit of the Lord s Name. O Nanak, through the Lord s Name, one is emancipated; attuned to the Shabad, he finds the Lord. || 4 || 2 ||

Hukamnama from SikhNet.com

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