Daily Hukamnama Friday, August 26, 2022

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WADAHANS, THIRD MEHL, CHHANT: ONE UNIVERSAL CREATOR GOD. BY THE GRACE OF THE TRUE GURU: Be imbued with the Love of your Husband Lord, O beautiful, perishable bride. Remain immersed in the True Word of the Shabad, O perishable bride; savor and enjoy the Love of your Beloved Husband. The Husband Lord embellishes His beloved bride with His True Love; she is in love with the Lord, Har, Har. Renouncing her selfishness, she attains her Husband Lord, and remains merged in the Word of the Guru’s Shabad. That soul-bride is adorned with the Shabad, who is attracted by His Love, and who treasures the Love of her Beloved deep within. O Nanak, the Husband Lord blends that soul bride with Himself; the True King embellishes her. || 1 || O worthless bride, see your Husband Lord ever-present. One who, as Gurmukh, enjoys her Husband Lord, O perishable bride, knows Him to be all-pervading everywhere. The Husband Lord is all-pervading everywhere; behold Him ever-present. Throughout the ages, know Him as the One. The young, innocent bride intuitively enjoys her Husband Lord; she meets the Architect of karma. One who tastes the sublime essence of the Lord, and chants the sublime Word of the Shabad, remains immersed in the Lord’s Sacred Pool. O Nanak, that soul-bride is pleasing to her Husband Lord, who, through the Shabad, remains in His Presence. || 2 || Go and ask the happy soul-brides, O perishable bride, who have eradicated self-conceit from within. Those who have not eradicated self-conceit, O perishable bride, do not realize the Hukam of their Husband Lord’s Command. Those who eradicate self-conceit obtain their Husband Lord and delight in His Love. Forever attuned to His Love, in perfect poise and grace, she repeats His Name night and day. Very fortunate is that bride who focuses her consciousness on Him; her Lord’s Love is so sweet to her. O Nanak, that soul-bride who is adorned with Truth is imbued with her Lord’s Love, in peace and poise. || 3 || Overcome your egotism, O perishable bride, and walk in the Guru’s Way. Thus you shall enjoy your Husband Lord forever, O perishable bride, and obtain an abode in the home of your own inner being. Obtaining an abode in the home of her inner being, she vibrates the Word of the Shabad, and is a happy soul-bride forever. The Husband Lord is delightful and forever young; night and day, He embellishes His bride. Her Husband Lord activates the destiny written on her forehead, and she is adorned with the True Shabad. O Nanak, the soul-bride is imbued with the Love of the Lord, when she walks according to the Will of the True Guru. || 4 || 1 ||

Hukamnama from SikhNet.com

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