Daily Hukamnama Sunday, December 4, 2022

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SOOHEE, FOURTH MEHL, SEVENTH HOUSE: ONE UNIVERSAL CREATOR GOD. BY THE GRACE OF THE TRUE GURU: Which, which of Your Glorious Virtues should I sing and recount, Lord? You are my Lord and Master, the treasure of excellence. I cannot express Your Glorious Praises. You are my Lord and Master, lofty and benevolent. || 1 || The Name of the Lord, Har, Har, is my only support. If it pleases You, please save me, O my Lord and Master; without You, I have no other at all. || 1 || Pause || You alone are my strength, and my Court, O my Lord and Master; unto You alone I pray. There is no other place where I can offer my prayers; I can tell my pains and pleasures only to You. || 2 || Water is locked up in the earth, and fire is locked up in wood. The sheep and the lions are kept in one place; O mortal, meditate on the Lord, and your doubts and fears shall be removed. || 3 || So behold the glorious greatness of the Lord, O Saints; the Lord blesses the dishonored with honor. As dust rises from underfoot, O Nanak, so does the Lord make all people fall at the feet of the Holy. || 4 || 1 || 12 ||

Hukamnama from SikhNet.com

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