Daily Hukamnama Saturday, December 10, 2022

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WADAHANS, THIRD MEHL: All the dealings of the Gurmukhs are good, if they are accomplished with poise and grace. Night and day, they chant the Naam, and earn their profits, drinking in the subtle essence of the Lord. They earn the profit of the subtle essence of the Lord, dwelling on the Lord, and chanting the Naam, night and day. They gather in merits, and eliminate demerits, and become self-realized. Through the Guru’s Teachings, they are blessed with glorious greatness; they drink in the essence of the True Word of the Shabad. O Nanak, devotional worship of the Lord is a unique experience, but only a few Gurmukhs perform it. || 1 || As Gurmukh, plant the crop of the Lord deep within, and let it grow in your body-field. Within the home of your own being, enjoy the Lord’s subtle essence, and earn profits in the world beyond. This profit is earned in the world beyond by enshrining the Lord within the mind; blessed is this farming and trade. Meditating on the Lord’s Name, and enshrining Him within the mind, the Guru’s Teachings are understood. The self-willed manmukhs have grown weary of this farming and trade; their hunger and thirst will not go away. O Nanak, plant the seed of the Name within the mind, and adorn yourself with the True Word of the Shabad. || 2 || Those humble beings engage in the Lord’s trade, who have the jewel of such pre-ordained destiny upon their foreheads. Under Guru’s Instruction, the mind abides in the home of the self; through the True Word of the Shabad, she becomes unattached. By the destiny written upon their foreheads, they become truly unattached, and by reflective meditation, they are imbued with Truth. Without the Naam, the Name of the Lord, the whole world is insane; through the Shabad, the ego is conquered. Attached to the True Word of the Shabad, wisdom wells up. The Gurmukh obtains the Naam, the Name of the Husband Lord. O Nanak, through the Shabad, one meets the Lord, the Destroyer of fear; by the destiny written on her forehead, she ravishes and enjoys Him. || 3 || All farming and trading is by Hukam of His Command; surrendering to His Command, glorious greatness is obtained. Under Guru’s Instruction, one comes to understand His Command; by His Command, one is united in His Union. By His Command, one intuitively merges and blends with Him. The Word of the Guru’s Shabad is incomparable. Through the Guru, true greatness is obtained, and one is embellished with Truth. One finds the Destroyer of fear, and eradicates self-conceit; as Gurmukh, one is united in His Union. Says Nanak, the Name of the immaculate, inaccessible, unfathomable Commander is permeating and pervading everywhere. || 4 || 2 ||

Hukamnama from SikhNet.com

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