Daily Hukamnama Saturday, May 13, 2023

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Dhanaasaree, First Mehl: If a thief praises someone, his mind is not pleased. If a thief curses him, no damage is done. No one will take responsibility for a thief. How can a thief’s actions be good? ||1|| Listen, O mind, you blind, false dog! Even without your speaking, the Lord knows and understands. ||1||Pause|| A thief may be handsome, and a thief may be wise, but he is still just a counterfeit coin, worth only a shell. If it is kept and mixed with other coins, it will be found to be false, when the coins are inspected. ||2|| As one acts, so does he receive. As he plants, so does he eat. He may praise himself gloriously, but still, according to his understanding, so is the path he must follow. ||3|| He may tell hundreds of lies to conceal his falsehood, and all the world may call him good. If it pleases You, Lord, even the foolish are approved. O Nanak, the Lord is wise, knowing, all-knowing. ||4||4||6||

Hukamnama from SikhNet.com

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